Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Naturopathic Medicine? What is a Naturopathic
Doctor (ND)?
A - Naturopathic medicine is a complementary health care
approach that offers non-invasive and natural therapies for the
treatment of the whole person, not disease. It focuses on removing
the underlying cause, not symptoms. Naturopathic doctors attend
4-year accredited medical schools. NDs obtain licenses after sitting
for board examinations and can serve as primary care physicians in
some state (not New Jersey).
2. Does insurance cover these visits?
A - Insurance companies may REIMBURSE the fees paid for visits
to a naturopathic doctor. The office does not accept insurance as a
form of payment.
3. How often are visits scheduled with this office?
A - The first follow-up appointment is usually scheduled 3-4 weeks
after the initial visit. Visits can be monthly, annually, or any schedule
that is best for the wellness plan.
4. Are any specific supplements recommended or required
to purchase?
A - Any supplements that are recommended by this office are from
a variety of professional nutraceutical companies that are certified
organic or wild-crafted. They are not required by the office to